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  • Housemates Returns: Is Dat U Yh?

    Housemates Returns: Is Dat U Yh?

    17 April-27 April

    Tolu and the “Back Of the Bus Queens” relive and rediscover their love of home, in this joyous and whacky adventure down memory lane. Surreal memories, short stories, and nonsense!

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  • Liberation Squares

    Liberation Squares

    2 May-11 May

    Three teenage girls forge an unlikely friendship as they navigate the world of social media influencer activism and its real-life consequences.

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  • The Trials and Passions of Unfamous Women

    The Trials and Passions of Unfamous Women

    14 June-22 June

    The world premiere of The Trials and Passions of Unfamous Women asks what is justice, and who has the power to decide. This bold and theatrical experience is part of LIFT Festival 2024 in partnership with Clean Break.

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  • Everything I Own

    Everything I Own

    20 June-6 July

    Errol lost his Dad last year. Listening to his old man’s Spotify playlist, he remembers his Dad’s passion over the 1981 Brixton uprising and his certainty that change coming.

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  • Housemates Returns: Before I Go

    Housemates Returns: Before I Go

    15 July-27 July

    Follow Ajani, a young boy who tragically dies and gets stuck in limbo and forced to undergo overcoming and acceptance in order to be revived into the living world.

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  • Alice in Wonderland 2024

    Alice in Wonderland 2024

    21 November-17 December

    Multi-award-winning company Poltergeist weave rap music together with the sights and sounds of Brixton into a hundred-mile-an-hour Christmas adventure.

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  • DO NOTHING + LALA HAYDEN & KYNSY At The Close Encounter Club

    DO NOTHING + LALA HAYDEN & KYNSY At The Close Encounter Club

    22 May-22 May

    Nottingham rockers Do Nothing headline the Close Encounter club night to perform tracks from their critically acclaimed debut album, Snake Sideways, plus other classics.

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  • It Begins in Darkness

    It Begins in Darkness

    1 June-1 June

    It Begins in Darkness is an environment for processing the fear, anger and confusion which arise from the histories of slavery and colonialism that haunt the present.

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  • Brixton House Community Choir

    Brixton House Community Choir

    5 February-15 April

    Do you like singing? Come and be part of the Brixton House Choir where you can learn to sing different musical styles from fresh re-workings of soul, jazz, gospel, pop, folk, and reggae.

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  • ALT. Showcase

    ALT. Showcase

    25 April-26 April

    ALT. Productions presents its first showcase cohort production under the direction of Olivier-nominated Director & Acting Coach Toby Clarke

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