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  • Cinderella


    23 November-31 December

    Welcome to Brixton Lane! Forget the glass slipper or the pumpkin carriage this Christmas; join Sindi-Ella in this reimagined tale of Cinderella full of rap, poetry, vegetables, and vibes you can dance to!

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  • You are the Sun

    You are the Sun

    13 December-14 December

    You are the Sun is a very first opera for babies and grownups that explores the magic of nature.

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  • Circle of Fifths

    Circle of Fifths

    17 January-20 January

    Circle of Fifths is an immersive theatre experience celebrating life in death.

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  • Protest


    13 February-16 February

    Three girls prepare to make a stand in this bold new play exploring what it takes to make a difference, the power of friendship, and the importance of believing in your own voice.

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    23 January-3 February

    Jade Anouka’s debut play is a raw and honest exploration of love, loss, and self-discovery. ‘Feel the rhythms of your own heartbeats as I tell you a story…’

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  • Oedipus Electronica

    Oedipus Electronica

    6 March-9 March

    Pecho Mama’s radical reinvention of Oedipus is a powerhouse production for our times – marrying London’s grit with searing live Electronica.

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  • Housemates Returns: Before I Go

    Housemates Returns: Before I Go

    30 March-11 April

    Follow Ajani, a young boy who tragically dies and gets stuck in limbo and forced to undergo overcoming and acceptance in order to be revived into the living world.

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  • Housemates Returns: Is Dat U Yh?

    Housemates Returns: Is Dat U Yh?

    17 April-27 April

    Tolu and the “Back Of the Bus Queens” relive and rediscover their love of home, in this joyous and whacky adventure down memory lane. Surreal memories, short stories, and nonsense!

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  • Liberation Squares

    Liberation Squares

    2 May-11 May

    Three British Muslim schoolgirls undergo a political awakening and try to work out how to make their voices heard against oppression.

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  • The Black Exodus Handbook

    The Black Exodus Handbook

    15 January-17 March

    The Black Exodus Handbook is a zine exploring the Black experience in the UK. Inspired by the British Black Power publication Race Today.

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  • Home is Where You Make It: A Celebration of Caribbean Music

    Home is Where You Make It: A Celebration of Caribbean Music

    27 November-27 November

    ADANNAY hosts an exclusive EP preview listening party, celebrating the life and legacy of Caribbean music in Black Britain.

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  • Afro-Brazilian Fusion Dance

    Afro-Brazilian Fusion Dance

    5 October-14 December

    Adriano Oliveira mixes different genres and styles of dance such as contemporary, modern, and traditional West-African but he always remains faithful to his Afro-Brazilian roots.

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  • Brixton House Community Choir

    Brixton House Community Choir

    2 October-11 December

    Learn to sing different musical styles from fresh re-workings of soul, jazz, gospel, pop, folk, and reggae with the opportunities for the choir to perform throughout the year.

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  • Gwoka Dance

    Gwoka Dance

    6 October-15 December

    Ziloka will teach you the traditional art form of Gwoka dance, accompanied by live Gwoka rhythms played on the Ka drums, group clapping and responsorial Creole singing for all age groups and levels.

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  • Eco-Friendly Wreath Making Workshop

    Eco-Friendly Wreath Making Workshop

    16 December-16 December

    Join us for an enjoyable and festive workshop, Craft Your Own Eco-Friendly Wreath for Families, guided by Sunshine International Arts—an award-winning carnival arts organisation based in Brixton. During this session, you’ll have the opportunity to craft your unique wreath, incorporating a blend of recycled and embellished materials. It promises to be a creative and environmentally…

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