Our Story

Brixton House

Brixton House (formerly known as Ovalhouse) will open to the public in 2021. A new theatre located in the heart of Brixton’s local community that aims to be a cultural hub for social entertainment and artistic inspiration.

With a legacy founded on nurturing talent, Brixton House will offer individuals space to flourish, become inspired by the world around us, and encourage excellence. Known for our ambitious, brave, and conscientious work, we will invite artists and audiences to enjoy artistic experiences in our new home.

Our new theatre will house two studio performance spaces, seven rehearsal rooms including ceiling heights for aerial performances, high-quality technical facilities, and fully accessible spaces, including wheelchair accessible rigs.

The comfortable, yet stylish café and bar will be open to the public for social gatherings as well as creative arts. Next door, the newly refurbished Carlton Mansions will reopen to house studios and offices for creative organisations.  

Designed by Edmund Wilson of Foster Wilson Architects, the new theatre intricately incorporates sustainable raw materials throughout, while boldly displaying modern features and illuminations. Galliford Try is undertaking the construction build.

The building development is part of the Somerleyton Road Development Project in partnership with the London Borough of Lambeth. As a new theatre embedded in the community, Brixton House aims to serve the residents and the creative community of Brixton and beyond.

Who are we?

Brixton House aims to be a vital cultural beacon and a home of stimulation and expression for everyone. We aim to attract, support, and inspire new artistic experiences that will develop our community solidarity and the passion for social change in society.

We will work consciously and conscientiously to pursue a civic environment that appeals to a broad representation of audiences and artists. We invite people and artists at various stages of their journey to explore, create, and share honest, challenging, innovative work that propels art forms and self-expression towards a more inclusive global society.

Our community of artists, theatre-makers, facilitators, agitators, and administrators are committed to a healthier society and collective wellbeing. We will always aim to be welcoming, compassionate, and critical in presenting stories and narratives that resonate to inspire us and our audiences to engage in pursuing a better world.

We want our town, city, and its many diverse communities to be reflected in our participation and programming regardless of class, ethnicity, language, ability, or gender identity.