Youthsayers on the roof of Brixton House. Youthsayers on the roof of Brixton House. Photo by Eddie Otchere.

charitable trusts and foundations

We work with schools, young people, elders, vulnerable or underserved groups and community activists to create opportunities for them to take part in, tackle inequality and encourage artistic expression. 

Our new theatres, studios and learning spaces are fully accessible and welcoming to participants of all ages and abilities, and our programme will help to develop and encourage the theatre talent of the future, especially from those communities who have been traditionally excluded from the arts.  

The support of charitable trusts and foundations is crucial to the completion of the new Brixton House building and to our ongoing artistic, learning and participation programmes.

Your support could make a significant impact on the following projects:  
  • Discounted ticket schemes for local young people and elders, low-income families and organisations working with at-risk groups  
  • Equipping our rehearsal and workshop spaces to the highest specifications  
  • Equipping our dedicated spaces for children and young people with complex and multiple disabilities  
  • Equipping our theatre spaces with flexible seating and accessible lighting rigs 
  • Our community learning and participation projects  
  • Our programming at Brixton House and beyond  
  • Accessible theatre design courses opening career opportunities in the theatre to a new and diverse generation of artists 

To find out more about partnering with us or becoming houseguests, please contact Cynthia Roomes [email protected]