join the team

Thank you for your interest in coming to work at Brixton House.

We have been looking forward and excited to share our plans with our Brixton community and the wider cultural sector.

Brixton House aspires to be a transformative venue and our location on Coldharbour Lane makes us feel best placed to provide an enriching variety of cultural arts and engagement activity that will be delivered with thoroughness, inclusivity, and respect.

At the forefront of our plans for cultivating a strong connection with our community are our values to always be welcoming to our international community, radical and progressive in our thinking and activities, collaborative in our ambitions, whilst nurturing new relationships locally as well as beyond Brixton, and most importantly celebratory of our unique identity and growing accomplishments.

Brixton House will invigorate our staff, artists, and community to be inspired by embracing a more representative artistic and civic-minded community for a more caring future as part of the evolution of our journey, our legacy and contribution towards cultural mobility.

Brixton House is committed to actively celebrating the wealth of diversity in our society on our staff team. We are actively engaged in representation, inclusion, and anti-racism planning.

Our organisation is pursuing evolving structures to promote more collaboration and an inclusive venue, attracting a proudly diverse pool of talented people from the global majority. We value enriching our artists, community and workforce with multiple perspectives and therefore encourage applicants from all intersections of our society.

We value the equality of opportunity and will be inspired by applicants from candidates currently underrepresented across the arts workforce, particularly anyone who understands the experiences of discrimination or racism. We strive to treat all job applications equally, and we may use positive action, in cases where candidates are equally qualified.