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Brixton House is a registered charity that relies on philanthropic support to achieve its pioneering work in developing new talent and skills, creating new, experimental theatre and engaging children, young people and disenfranchised communities with the arts.  

Funding from individual donors, charitable trusts and foundations, and companies has a direct and measurable impact on the work we deliver, the participants we work with and the young artists whose talent and careers we help to develop.  

individual donors  

Our donors are essential and valued members of the Brixton House community.  We hope that you will join our family of supporters, artists and the local community in our journey towards a pioneering future in our new building.  

A gift of any size will make a difference to the development of Brixton House, helping to ensure that our building will be welcoming, state of the art and accessible for all.

To discuss specific opportunities to become involved and support Brixton House please contact Darryl de Prez, Head of Development:  

a brick for brixton 

A Brick For Brixton Campaign launched by Sanjeev Bhaskar OBE  

We are proud and delighted that our patron Sanjeev Bhaskar is heading our ‘A Brick For Brixton’ campaign alongside our Brixton House alumnus and patron Pierce Brosnan and our patrons Paulette Randall and Jenny Sealey. 

Be a part of history:

• Put your name on a brick  
• Name a brick for a friend  
• Buy a number of bricks for your group or community  
• Dedicate a brick to someone special  

For further information please contact  
Many thanks to our supporters who’ve named a Brick For Brixton so far!  


We welcome the opportunity to forge strong and mutually beneficial partnerships with companies, from local enterprises to international brands.  Partnership with Brixton House could help your company achieve its CSR and ESG ambitions, its business and marketing goals, and could have a tremendous positive impact on the young people, artists and audiences that we work with.  

Your help could give new talent a place to flourish, ensure young lives are enriched by artistic engagement and employment, and give those without a voice a place where they may find one.  

To discuss opportunities for partnerships and sponsorship, please contact Darryl de Prez, Head of Development, at

charitable trusts and foundations

Brixton House works with schools, young people, elders, vulnerable or underserved groups and community activists to create participation opportunities, tackle inequality and encourage artistic expression.  

Our new theatres, rehearsal studios and learning spaces will be fully accessible and welcoming to participants of all ages and abilities, and our programme will help to develop and encourage the theatre talent of the future, especially from those communities who have been traditionally excluded from the arts.  

The support of charitable trusts and foundations is crucial to the completion of the new Brixton House building and to our ongoing artistic, learning and participation programmes.

To learn more about Brixton House and our future plans, please contact Darryl de Prez, Head of Development, at  
Your support could make a  significant impact on the following projects:  
  • Equipping our rehearsal and workshop spaces to the highest specifications  
  • Equipping our dedicated spaces for children and young people with complex and multiple disabilities  
  • Equipping our theatre spaces with flexible seating and accessible lighting rigs 
  • Equipping one of our studio theatres with audiovisual and projection technology so that it can also act as a cinema/screening room  
  • Our community learning and participation projects  
  • Our programming at Brixton House and beyond  
  • Accessible theatre design courses opening career opportunities in the theatre to a new and diverse generation of artists  
  • Discounted ticket schemes for local young people and elders, low- income families and organisations working with at-risk groups  

Thank you to all those who have supported us in the past and who continue to support our future. We thank you on behalf of all the young people, community members and early-career artists who have benefited from your generosity.  

capital campaign founding donors

Michael Bright  
Chris Dixon  
Robin Priest  
William Rathbone OBE  

Public Funding

Arts Council England  
The London Borough of Lambeth  
A New Direction  

Charitable Trusts and Foundations  

Aird Charitable Trust  
Alchemy Foundation  
Boshier-Hinton Foundation  
Chapman Charitable Trust  
Charterhouse Charitable Trust  
Chesterhill Charitable Trust  
David and Claudia Harding Foundation  
Elizabeth Bennett Charitable Trust  
Fernside Trust  
Fitton Trust  
French Huguenot Church of London Charitable Trust  
Gladys Jane Wightwick Charitable Trust  
Network for Social Change  
The Patron’s Fund  
Rachel Charitable Trust  
Alan & Babette Sainsbury Charitable Fund  
Shadworth Hodgson Bequest  
Souter Charitable Trust  
Thistle Trust  
TJX UK Foundation  
William Allen Young Charitable Trust  
William Rathbone Family Charitable Trust  
Walcot Foundation  

Capital Campaign Supporters  

 Alex Clarke   
Amanda Campbell   
Angela Hyde-Courtney    
Anton Simon   
Arts Council England   
Barry Cox CBE   
Bonnar Keenleyside   
Brian and Sheila Carter   
Chris Dixon Kenneth Elliot & Rowe   
David Carrington   
Deborah Bestwick   
Esther Leeves   
For Emily Wiffen   
Foster Wilson Architects   
Frederick and Robyn Lyons   
Gay and William Clegg QC   
Howard Loxton   
Ian Plenderleith   
Jeremy Day   
Jon Davies and Deborah Arnott   
Kate Trevelyan Kee   
Katie Milton   
Kirsty and Jeremy Hardie   
London Borough of Lambeth    
Lucy Hannah   
Miles Ruffell   
Oladipo Agboluaje    
Paul Disley-Tindell   
Peter Jay   
Peter Manning   
Pierce Brosnan   
Richer Sounds (London Bridge)   
Roberta Anderson   
Robin and Frances-Gilkes   
Robin Priest   
Shinade Haughton   
Southside Chamber of Commerce   
Storme Toolis   
Victoria Hardie   
William Rathbone OBE  

Supporting our pioneering work in the arts  

Andrew Hill  
Andrew Paterson  
Brian Walters  
Brian Wilson  
Cat Lee  
Clifton Hughes  
David & Helen Crowe  
David Bentley  
David Ricks  
Dennis Armstrong  
Dennis Faulkner  
Dr John Drury  
Elizabeth Rasskazova  
Eugenie Small  
Eve Salomon & Stephen Whittle  
Garth Haythornthwaite  
George Wilkinson  
Harold Marchant  
HM Sassoon Charitable Trust  
J M Dando  
J R Grundon  
Jeremy Orme  
John Spall  
John Watson  
Kenneth Emberton  
Martin Humphries  
Martin Orde  
Martyn Holland  
Mat Fraser  
Michael & Jacqueline Abbott  
Michael Craddock  
Mike Bright  
Mr & Mrs Peter Gerrard  
Neil Sanders  
Nicholas and Sarah Nops  
Oladipdo Agboluaje  
Patrick Ridley  
Peter Bassett  
Peter Mudford  
Robert Hanbury  
Roger Gibbs  
Ronus Foundation  
Sir John Aird  
Timothy & Margaret Cawkwell  
William Dieneman  
William Trower