Outside of Brixton House looking up at the outside of the building, with the Nuclear Dawn mural to the right and trees to the left. Photo by Sharron Wallace

our vision, mission and values

We tell stories that inspire us and our communities to work together to create a better world.

Our vision is to create the world we want to imagine. 

Brixton House is a home for a new generation of makers, artists, writers, producers, technicians, and audiences.  

We want our town, city, and its many diverse communities to be reflected in our shows, events and participation programmes regardless of class, ethnicity, language, ability, sexuality or gender identity.

Lime green square with a yellow chevron in the centre. Across the middle is written 'our vision is to create the world we want to imagine.'

Purple square with two teal triangles in the centre. Across the middle is written 'our mission is to purposefully curate spaces for our community to connect, create and enjoy.'

Our mission is to purposefully curate spaces for our community to connect, create and enjoy. 

Community members and artists at various stages of their journey can join us to create and share honest, challenging and innovative work that drives theatre towards a more inclusive global society. 

Our theatre is a caring space that supports its staff, nurtures its community, and thrives from the creative energy of the artists, participants and audiences who call it home.

We live by our values and they are at the core of everything we do.

Celebratory: We will always embody a spirit of hope and celebrate our unique identity and the work done by those all around us.

Collaborative: We will establish an integrated hub of creative spaces, performances, training, business ventures and jobs for the local community and beyond.

Nurturing: We will help creativity to flourish by creating a caring environment that inspires individual and collective exploration.

Radical: We will provoke our artists, young people and community to create and pursue a bold vision for the future.

Welcoming: We will always treat our community with kindness and respect, so that our House can become their home.

Red square with a pink chevron pattern over it. Across the middle is written 'celebratory, collaborative, nurturing, radical, welcoming.'

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