Photo © Myah Jeffers.

The Body Remembers: Post-show conversation

18 March-25 March

The Body Remembers: Post-show conversation centred for Black women. 18 & 25 March.

Fuel presents


This post-show conversation  is open to Black women (cis/trans), non-binary and genderqueer people who attend the show people particularly those with a lived experience of trauma, going through healing.The event is being facilitated by Dawn Estefan the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist on The Body Remembers. This is a space for dialogue and to discuss the themes of the piece.

Please be aware that this workshop is solely a space for self-reflection. As a Tamalpa L2 Teacher Training Graduate trained in the Tamalpa Life Art Process, therapeutic tools will be used in this session but this will not be a space for art psychotherapy.)

Location: The Nook

No performances currently available.