Photo © Alan Alpenfelt

Swiss Selection Live: Binaural Views of Switzerland

8 March-12 March

Pro Helvetia brings one of Switzerland’s most dynamic artists to Brixton House. Alan Alpenfelt retraces the journey of British photographer William England's 1863 Grand Tour of Switzerland through stereoscopic photographs and binaural sound.

Alan Alpenfelt presents


UK Premiere of Binaural Views of Switzerland

An audio-visual exploration into the impact of human activity on the Swiss Landscape since 1863, when the pioneering British photographer William England made his Grand Tour of Switzerland, creating stunning stereoscopic photographs of over 150 locations.

Over a two-month journey, artist Alan Alpenfelt has re-discovered 30 of these locations, documenting the changes in their aspects and atmospheres, re-presenting them in his exhibition, using binaural sound recording and 3D photography.

His work highlights the stark contrasts between past and present by immersing the visitor in the sights and sounds of each environment, then and now.

Awareness of the effects of mass tourism, modern transport, climate change and industrial development dominates the exhibition, asking questions as to how resilience and conservation can somehow still be achieved.

Three international artists challenge us to see differently in the Swiss Selection Live. Pro Helvetia brings three of Switzerland’s most dynamic artists to Brixton House: Trân Tran in HERE & NOW, Ntando Cele in BLACK OFF and Alan Alpenfelt’s Binaural Views of Switzerland.

“An extraordinary journey through time, space and sounds. A journey that inspires, ignites and moves. Very beautiful.”

Radio Svizzera

“Really special and well done, to admire and rediscover the sound of nature”


Recommended exhibition viewing time is 1 hour. Please note there is a maximum of 15 people per viewing.

Journey and sound recording Alan Alpenfelt
Kaiser Panorama Franco Mondia & Antonio Lo Menzo
Soundscape creations Enrico Mangione

A project by: Alan Alpenfelt. Special thanks to London Stereoscopic Company and Peter Blair for providing information on William England. Sustained by: Pro Helvetia, FSRC/SRKS, Oertli Stiftung.

Swiss Selection Live is grateful for the generous support of:

Ernst Goehner Foundation, Migros Culture Percentage, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, City of Bern & Canton of Bern.

No performances currently available.