Kabul Goes Pop: Music Television Afghanistan

13 May-1 June

Kabul Goes Pop brings us into a world post the US invasion that is complex, contradictory, and shocking – all to a soundtrack of early 00 pop!

Brixton House Presents by Waleed Akhtar


A Brixton House production, presented with HighTide in association with the Mercury Theatre Colchester.

A debut play by Waleed Akhtar

“In Afghanistan there are many important issues. So I am asking a very important question.
Britney, or Shakira?
Who is the real Queen of Pop?”

Inspired by a true story of Afghanistan’s first youth music TV programme, Kabul Goes Pop: Music Television Afghanistan explores the devastating effects as two young friends take on the political landscape while trying to build a new Afghanistan. 

Kabul Goes Pop brings us into a world post the US invasion that is complex, contradictory, and shocking – all to a soundtrack of early 00 pop!


★★★★ New European
‘A brave piece about the betrayal of a generation.’

‘An elegantly written, often very funny, piece that works precisely because it takes a moral position on Afghanistan, and, underlying every word, there is a raw and admirable fury.’

★★★ The Stage
‘Shanko Chauduhuri’s all-white design, seamlessly incorporating video panels (hat tip to video designer Gino Ricardo Green) showing archive pop clips that evoked a nostalgic glow in this nearly 40-year-old.’

‘Anna Himali Howard’s production pulses with energy.’

★★★ North West End
‘Hugely entertaining, unique and well performed.’

‘A fizzing tribute to bubblegum songs of hope.’

Brixton Buzz
‘The production never fails to fill the audience with smiles and laughter.’

‘Kabul Goes Pop is a gem among gems.’

‘Director Anna Himali Howard is a brilliant mind who turns everything she touches to gold, and this show is no different.’

Cast & Creative Team

Farook – Arian Nik
Samia – Shala Nyx

Writer – Waleed Akhtar 
Director – Anna Himali Howard
Set, Costume and Graphic Designer – Shankho Chaudhuri
Sound Designer – Anna Clock
Lighting Designer – Rajiv Pattani
Video Designer – Gino Green
Choreographer – Yami Löfvenberg
Assistant Director – Neetu Singh
Costume Supervisor – Olivia Ward

Content Warnings

The show contains swearing and themes which may cause distress.

Sexual violence is referred to, and abduction and murder is described.

Grief over the loss of a loved one is depicted, and the mental illness and death of a family member is referred to.

War and political violence is discussed, including mentions of suicide bombings and a description of being injured in a bombing.

Life under Soviet and Mujahideen conflict and Taliban rule in Afghanistan is described.

Download a free copy of the Kabul Goes Pop plot summary.

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