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Housemates Returns: Things I Can Laugh About Now

1 November-11 November

One of our Housemates Returns, Shakira Newton brings back the tragicomedy Things I Can Laugh About Now - a witty, funny and moving coming-of-age story of self-discovery.

Presented by Brixton House, in association with Piece of Cake Theatre Company


“I am convinced that being every minority under the sun gives me the right to have an opinion on EVERYTHING.”

In this coming-of-age, uplifting story of self-discovery and hope, we get an insight into what it means to grow up differently to the world immediately around you, and how that can skew your idea of home, friendship and most importantly, love.

“Most people fantasise about their crush showing them love. I fantasise about mine dealing with conflict properly… Ooh Yeah, baby. That’s it. Offer me a cup of tea and apologise with changed behaviour!” 

Is humour a good healthy coping mechanism for deteriorating mental health? Maybe not. But hey, at least she’s finally talking about it with someone!

Things I Can Laugh About Now is a tragicomedy that contains themes of domestic abuse, suicide, mental illness, and has strong language from the offset… but like most things in life, we’ll learn to laugh that all off.

★★★★ ‘Things I Can Laugh About Now is phenomenal. Newton is a brilliant actor. She cleverly guides us through her life decisions from teen to adulthood…’ Tribe Arts


Shakira Newton

Creative Team

Writer/Performer – Shakira Newton
Director – Carlo (Lo) Feliciani Ojeda


Tickets: £21, £17
Recommended age: 14+
Duration: 1 hours
Tue 01 Nov 7:45pm
Wed 02 Nov 7:45pm
Thu 03 Nov 7:45pm
Fri 04 Nov 7:45pm
Sat 05 Nov 7:45pm
Tue 08 Nov 7:45pm
Wed 09 Nov 7:45pm
Thu 10 Nov 7:45pm
Fri 11 Nov 7:45pm