Housemates Festival: Art Exhibition

Running alongside Housemates Festival 2023 will be a selection of artists exhibiting their work.

Running alongside Housemates Festival 2023 will be a selection of artists exhibiting their work.

Julieta Tetelbaum

Julieta Tetelbaum (Buenos Aires, 1990) is a queer film director, cinematographer, screenwriter and choreographer based in London. The main themes of her work are: gender, feminism, childhood, violence, intimacy and sexuality. Her short films entitled “The Misfortune of Femininity” (2020) “Wake Up! It’s Yesterday” (2021) “Black Chalk” (2022) and “Joy” (2023) are part of the official collection of the Library of Congress of the Argentine Nation, have been officially selected at international film festivals and have been screened in several museums around the world.

Artwork: Black Chalk, 2022
Instagram: @julieta.tetelbaum

Black Chalk is a short film about the intimacy of a woman with Down’s Syndrome who writes with black chalk a list of daily activities to organise her life.

Artwork Sponsored by Brixton House.

“Memories are akin to films, I start to remember and everything becomes a film. The human mind is cinematic, cinema is already in our mind… when I remember I learn to film.”

Amogh Lux

This world is “more alchemy than science”. I started STUDIOMURLÏ as way to explore this notion. It’s a space to experiment with the myriad ways art, design, epiphanies and adventures can come together.

As an artist, my goal is to create work that evokes emotion and tells a story. I’m compelled to make art that explores what I can’t explore in my day to day. Taboos, unfamiliar spaces, invisible habits, glorious imaginings and secret thoughts. I have a hunch that these are things that others want to explore too.

I draw inspiration from the juxtaposition of Indian mythology, modern history and speculative design. Influenced by the dadaist approach I seek to deconstruct and reconstruct the world through my perspectives. I am drawn to the power of lines and colors. I journey to create work that can invoke reflection and feeling.

My style, while varied, is characterized by bold lines and vibrant colors, often incorporating whimsical elements that lend a sense of playfulness to my work. Through my visual language I aim to capture the unseen essence of my subject matter using symbolism.

Artwork 1: Going Bananas
Artwork 2: Sarvagni
Instagram: @studiomurli

“Introducing “Deva and Devi,” a vibrant two-piece series that delves into the essence of the human experience. Inspired by Indian mythology and folklore dating back to 4000 BC, these artworks explore what the beginning and end of physical existence might look like.

Let’s start with ‘Going Bananas,’ a Deva that represents the exhilarating chaos of life’s journey. Through a blend of popping colors and jungle motifs, this artwork invites you to embrace the boundless energy and excitement that accompanies our existence. It’s a celebration of life’s vibrant tapestry; a story of transformation and adventure.

On the other hand, we have ‘Sarvagni,’ a Devi who serves as a bridge between physical and metaphysical dimensions. Drawing upon ancient wisdom, this portaited symbolizes the culmination of creation and the transition into a new realm. It’s a contemplative piece that invites you to ponder the mysteries that lie beyond our tangible world.”

Peter “PHYNEART” Miller

Peter Miller was born into an artistic family in East London who nurtured his love for the arts. As a child he soaked-up all artistic expression from galleries to comic books and everything in between. His passion for the arts led him to take a foundation course at The City & Guilds of London Art School and proceeded to Kingston University where he received a BachelorsDegree in Fine Art. Influenced by painters such as Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon, Miller uses oils and acrylics as his tools to emphasize texture, color and emotion in his artwork. His more recent works adding harder and more expressive outlines to his subjects, gives a nod to Frank Miller and Mike Mignola with their comic book and graphic art sensibilities.

Most days you will find Miller, now a freelance illustrator, creating content for companies such as the NBA and Roc Nation while working on commissions for small businesses, artist’s and private clientele. You can also view his paintings and drawings in exhibitions across London.

Artwork: Mahogany volume 1-34
Instagram: @phyneart

Lili-Mae Billam

As a new artist, I am trying to find my niche; the thing that makes me different. In this collection I explore different themes whilst sticking to the things I am passionate about. Being an artist is the dream and it starts now.

Artwork: I am now serious
Instagram: @maethecreative.ldn