Happy Meal “Pay-It-Forward” Ticket Scheme


Brixton House is excited to announce our Happy Meal – Pay-It-Forward Scheme.

Led by Happy Meal writer Tabby Lamb (they/she), the scheme is in support and aid of any Trans, Non-Binary or Gender Non-Conforming person who otherwise could not afford a ticket to see Happy Meal, playing from 21 February until 11 March 2023. 

Happy Meal travels back to the quaint days of dial-up and MSN, where you’ll follow Alec & Bette – Two strangers on their journeys to become who they always were.

The hit of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022, Tabby Lamb’s Happy Meal is a joyful queer rom-com where Millennial meets Gen Z and change is all around. Exhilaratingly staged by Roots and Theatre Royal Plymouth and directed by Jamie Fletcher in a Fringe First Award-winning production.

How to engage with the scheme

People can donate to the scheme in two ways:

  1. When buying tickets for Happy Meal, you will have the option of adding a donation to their order, at the value of a full price ticket. This donation will be automatically added to the Pay-It-Forward Scheme | Happy Meal fund once the tickets are purchased.
  2. For those only wanting to donate towards the scheme, you can do this by going to Brixton House’s ‘DONATE’ page, where you will find the Pay-It-Forward Scheme | Happy Meal fund.

This way you can still donate to the cause, with no obligation of purchasing tickets.

How to claim a ticket

Brixton House will actively be seeking partnerships with local Trans and LGBTQ+ organisations to offer tickets as part of the scheme. In addition to this, Brixton House will also have an open process where anyone can email [email protected] to apply for tickets.

Why this initiative is important to us

Delia Barker, Managing Director at Brixton House says:      

“We’re delighted to give Trans, Non-Binary and Non-Gender Conforming people an opportunity to see some of their stories told in a joyous light at Brixton House. Building upon Ovalhouse Theatre’s legacy, it’s important to us that we continue to support the LGBTQI+ community in the way we always have; By opening up our spaces to theatre-makers wanting to share their own stories authentically, and cultivating audiences who connect with the work”

James Mackenzie-Blackman, Chief Executive and Executive Producer at Theatre Royal Plymouth said: “All of us at TRP are thrilled to be presenting Happy Meal at Brixton House and really pleased that we get to participate in a scheme to enable free tickets to those who need it. Tabby’s play has been critically-acclaimed locally, nationally and internationally and so a season in London that is accessible and inclusive feels the perfect end to this current life of this very special play. Brixton House, in one of London’s most diverse communities, is the perfect partner venue.”