Damilola Odusote © Sharron Wallace

Perception is Reality

Damilola Odusote’s solo show Perception is Reality explores the relationship between life’s complexity and our inherent need to simplify things in order to understand the world around us. 

Internationally known for his eclectic and intricate style, Odusote aims to take the viewer on a playful journey,  leaving them to question their perception of reality. His guiding principle pushes the boundaries of the imagination, and just like the recurring nameless, raceles and genderless iconic character in his creatives, his work often challenges preconceived notions of everyday life. 

‘I’ve always been intrigued by the human desire to put things in boxes in order to simplify and understand the world around us. And just like small atoms come together to make up larger complex structures, I use simple icons to build up complex narratives that challenge the viewer to look beyond what they perceive as their reality,’

‘I try to bring people together by celebrating the things we have in common rather than highlighting what makes us different. ’ 

Damilola Odusote

The exhibition brings together a selection of over 150 of Odusote’s drawings, paintings, concrete and resin sculptures as well as 3D artworks including metal, string, coffee and organic materials.

His installation at Brixton House follows a number of international fairs and celebrated collaborations with YouTube, LinkedIn, UBS, Converse, Google, Made.com, Lenovo, and many more.

Learn more about Damilola Odusote at www.damilolaartist.com.


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