House Call!

What stories have you been living with and longing to tell?

Calling all storytellers to share your stories with us and together we will bring them to life. 

Brixton House wants to work with you to share your creative voice and present your work to audiences digitally and in safe, creative spaces. 

We are looking for stories that would suit an intimate audience and we are open to all genres and forms of writing for performance – it just needs to be ready to go!

We are open for submissions now, so email your completed work to [email protected] and tell us a bit about yourself and your vision.

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  • What is the deadline for House Call submissions?
  • We will be accepting submissions until 5pm on Friday 16th July 2021.
  • I’m a poet/musician/comedian, can I also apply?
  • Yes please! We are open to all artforms as long as you’re telling a story that means something to you.
  • Is there a word count or length requirement?
  • Your material or piece should be a minimum of 30 mins in length, but if you have something shorter that’s really special, get in touch and we can talk about it.
  • What format should my submission be in?
  • Send us a copy of the script or treatment in a Word document or pdf (no Pages files please!) If you have a video or audio recording please send us a link to a hosting site (e.g. Vimeo, Soundcloud) or a WeTransfer or Dropbox link. Large files in our inbox slows the process down for everyone and may not get seen.
  • Can I submit my unfinished play?
  • House Call is not for works in development or further R&D. You piece needs to be ready to be produced, ideally with a creative team in place. Email us your proposal if you’re unsure.
  • I already have a performer and/or creatives in mind – can you work with that?
  • Yes, absolutely! We’ll be excited to learn and explore how to best get your piece seen and to meet new artists.
  • How much will House Call pay?
  • We will support artists by paying the industry standard rate based on the best agreement for your work.