Black Lives Matter statement from Brixton House

The life of George Floyd, was callously snuffed out at the hands of Institutional abuse of power and systematic racism.

Across America and here in the UK, black people are in great pain. We stand in solidarity with the protestors and their cry for justice and equality.

Black Lives Matter. It is not just a hashtag or a convenient campaign slogan, but an urgent demand to eradicate generational trauma and mobilise for societal change.

We encourage you to counter silent or optical allyship and vocally pursue eradicating racism in all aspects.

We look forward to when we can open our doors, embrace each other and celebrate the brilliance, resilience and beauty of our brothers and sisters.

In order for our collective futures to flourish it is important to proclaim, Black Lives Matter.

Gbolahan Obisesan
Artistic Director, Brixton House