The Black Exodus Handbook

15 January-17 March

The Black Exodus Handbook is a zine exploring the Black experience in the UK. Inspired by the British Black Power publication Race Today.

ThePalaceOfTheDogs and Brixton House present


The Black Exodus Handbook is a zine exploring the Black experience in the UK. Inspired by the British Black Power publication ‘Race Today’, spearheaded by Darcus Howe and Linton Kwesi Johnson, the handbook tackles conversation around home, community, self-identity, gender, queerness, protest and ancestry. Danny Bailey, the editor-in-chief, believes it is not only important to talk about the current climate but to create a vision for the future.  A vision that is free from the structures that oppress us. That vision is explored through poetry, fashion, photography, digital art and interviews led by black creatives in the diaspora.


ThePalaceOfTheDogs is a platform that seeks to redirect the purpose of artistic expression in our society and document decolonial practices through arts and media. The collective aims to put Blackness back into the community with a focus on creativity and community building, all whilst challenging the Black and Brown community’s ideas on identity. They exist to make space outside the capitalist construct for Black and Brown creatives to explore their social and political voice in their communities through art and media. @ThePalaceOfTheDogs recognises the value of artistic expression within our diasporic histories and the impact it can have on our futures. They believe in positively and authentically impacting their community by documenting creative decolonial practices. These practices could help gain autonomy over narratives and forge an existence outside of oppressive systemic structures that capitalise on these cultures and yet keep others out of the room. @ThePalaceOfTheDogs demands not only to have a seat at the table but want to own the room so we can cater to our needs.

Daniel Bailey

Originally from Hackney, Danny Bailey is a multidisciplinary artist who uses his Afro-Caribbean background as a creative vocabulary to challenge issues regarding race, sexuality, gender, faith and politics through playwriting, performance, filmmaking, Digital Art and Community Building. As a theatremaker, Danny is interested in combining practices through film, live-streaming and documentary with traditional theatre practices to challenge accessibility to the arts. Throughout his career as a theatremaker and filmmaker, he has gained support from Brixton House, Stanley Arts Centre, and Soho Theatre, where he has the opportunity to develop new theatrical works.

His credits as an experimental filmmaker include Black Exodus (V&A, National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, Black Lens film festival) and Soft Bwoi (Queer fringe film festival in London, Afropolitan Festival in Brussels and Fringe of Colour Festival in Edinburgh).

He also has a career in theatre; some of his recent performing work includes A Strange Loop at The Barbican, The Dark is Rising with Complicité, and Get Up Stand Up at The Lyric Theatre.

He is developing two new plays he has written, Pressure and Finding Olokun. He was just awarded a development grant at the Stanley Arts Centre, where he will be developing Finding Olokun.


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