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  • Housemates 2024: How British Eres Tu?

    Housemates 2024: How British Eres Tu?

    2 October-5 October

    Have you ever imagined exactly just what your level of Britishness might be?

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  • Housemates 2024: Tending

    Housemates 2024: Tending

    8 October-12 October

    Tending offers a heartbreaking, hilarious and very human look at the experience of the nurses on the frontline of our health service.

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  • Housemates 2024: Jeezus! A New Musical

    Housemates 2024: Jeezus! A New Musical

    8 October-12 October

    Have you ever wanted to have hot sex with our lord and saviour Jesus Christ? Jeezus! A musical comedy with hymns, bodily fluids and religious rapture.

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  • Housemates 2024: Limp Wrist & The Iron Fist

    Housemates 2024: Limp Wrist & The Iron Fist

    9 October-12 October

    A vibrant celebration of Black, queer identities, exploring themes of love, resilience, and self-discovery.

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  • Súper Chefs

    Súper Chefs

    28 October-28 October

    Through singing, dancing, and real-life cooking, young audience members and their families participate in a unique experience exploring food, gender roles and the Latin American culture.

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  • Tones – A Hip-Hop Opera

    Tones – A Hip-Hop Opera

    4 November-9 November

    A man in a battle with his identity, and on a journey through the depths of Black-British culture, class, and belonging. What happens if you’re not Black enough for the ends, but too Black for the rest of the world?

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  • Alice in Wonderland Returns

    Alice in Wonderland Returns

    21 November-4 January

    The return of their multi-award-winning, five-star festive show, Poltergeist production weave rap music together with the sights and sounds of Brixton into a hundred-mile-an-hour Christmas adventure.

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