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  • Eco-Friendly Wreath Making Workshop

    Eco-Friendly Wreath Making Workshop

    Join us for an enjoyable and festive workshop, Craft Your Own Eco-Friendly Wreath for Families, guided by Sunshine International Arts—an award-winning carnival arts organisation based in Brixton. During this session, you’ll have the opportunity to craft your unique wreath, incorporating a blend of recycled and embellished materials. It promises to be a creative and environmentally…

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  • Gwoka Dance

    Gwoka Dance

    Ziloka will teach you the traditional art form of Gwoka dance, accompanied by live Gwoka rhythms played on the Ka drums, group clapping and responsorial Creole singing for all age groups and levels.

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  • Brixton House Community Choir

    Brixton House Community Choir

    Learn to sing different musical styles from fresh re-workings of soul, jazz, gospel, pop, folk, and reggae with the opportunities for the choir to perform throughout the year.

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  • Afro-Brazilian Fusion Dance

    Afro-Brazilian Fusion Dance

    Adriano Oliveira mixes different genres and styles of dance such as contemporary, modern, and traditional West-African but he always remains faithful to his Afro-Brazilian roots.

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