Fathers © Christophe Raynaud de Lage Image © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


5 July-17 July

How does one become a father today? On the stage, two actors tenderly paint a series of portraits of fatherhood.

Elise Chatauret and Thomas Pondevie Present


Two actors have been asked to do a study on the topic of the family. They carry out all the accounts they have collected, starting with their own generational history – a touching approach. Their journey into the various family landscapes stems from the words expressed by the women (who were the first volunteers in this study), and then reaches across to the words expressed by the men. 

How do we exist as fathers today? From doting fathers to pater familias, the Babel company investigates. Created and written using interviews, Fathers opens the doors of French households from diverse immigrant backgrounds. On stage, two actors take on the stories collected and paint a series of portraits, weaving new discourses. Little by little, a question emerges: how can we imagine fatherhood outside of patriarchy? 

During the year 2020, Élise Chatauret and Thomas Pondevie conducted a series of interviews hinging on the topic of family. Meeting individuals, professionals and institutions, they quickly discovered a blind spot: men were absent. They then chose to question the family topic from the fathers’ point of view. 

True to its practice of documentary theatre, the Babel company multiplies the interviews and composes a theatrical score woven from multiple voices. 

How does one become a father today? On the stage, two actors take hold of the stories collected and draw up a small fresco of fatherhood. From the doting father to the pater familias, from the office to the kitchen, from the pancake toss to the photo book, they tenderly paint a series of portraits. 

Little by little, a question emerges: how can we imagine fatherhood outside the patriarchy? New narratives emerge in which the question of gender equality is also that of gender emancipation and a greater general inventiveness of the roles and postures of each. 

With the support of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis. 

Brixton House’s presentation is generously supported by Dorothea and Alastair Cookson. And brought by Tilly-Ink Rights Agency.

Audio-described performance with touch tour
Sat 16 July, 1.30pm 

BSL-interpreted performance 
Thu 14 July, 7.30pm & Sat 16 July, 2.30pm 


Writing, dramaturgy and directing – Élise Chatauret and Thomas Pondevie with: Laurent Barbot and Iannis Haillet 
Set design, costumes – Charles Chauvet and Jori Desq 
Design and costumes – Charles Chauvet 
Lighting, sound and technical design – Jori Desq 
Sound design – Maxime Tisserand 
Lights – Léa Maris 
Translator – Abla Kandalaft
Directing and dramaturgy intern – Vladia Merlet 

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