21 March-25 March

We’re all trying to work out our story. Who are we? How are we shaped? Sometimes you have to find the courage to be just you - the brilliant you.

Brixton House presents Tangled Feet


We’re all trying to work out our story. Who are we? How are we shaped? Sometimes you have to find the courage to be just you – the brilliant you. 

Following the acclaimed Butterflies (“a truly transformative experience” Children’s Theatre Review) Tangled Feet present their new show about how we all need somewhere to belong and someone to belong to. 

Cleo is on a journey like no other. She’s trying to discover her past whilst attempting to stay on her feet in the present. Piles of clothes become sea creatures, dresses become parachutes and shadows dance as Cleo and two new friends find a place called home.  

Inspired by working with young people in Kent who don’t live with their birth parents, Belongings is the story of finding your feet, finding your playmates & imagining a new future. 

Told with Tangled Feet’s unique blend of physicality, innovative design and original music, this is a show for anyone aged 6 up who is looking to find where they fit in. 

Tangled Feet are a physical theatre ensemble dedicated to devising original, accessible, and innovative work. Since 2003, they have made transformative theatre in public spaces, found spaces, green spaces and theatre buildings.

Belongings is a Co-Production between Tangled Feet and Rowan Tree Dramatherapy.

★★★★ “The three actors perform as children with delightful authenticity, and the production brilliantly highlights the importance of play as a positive force: a means of self‑expression, for learning, companionship, challenge and teamwork.” Everything Theatre

“It’s brilliantly done, managing to be extremely relatable for children with no experience of the care system while giving them a rare insight into the reality of life in foster care.” The Family Stage

You could feel your heart opening up Audience 

It makes you open minded” 9 year old child 

It made me really think about saying goodbye at the end of the school day” Headteacher

“Fantastic acting. Really good to see these topics addressed thoughtfully in the theatre without traditional’ stereotypes.” Audience 

He (my son) was totally absorbed in the story. He enjoyed the audience interaction, the puppetry, and the parachute play.” Audience

Please be aware that scenes within the play explore:

  • –  Children’s feelings about not living with their birth families
  • –  Children’s worries about their parents being unwell, unreliable or absent.
  • –  Themes of loss, bereavement and trauma

We know some children may benefit from knowing in advance about these points or will have questions afterwards. If you need some ideas about how to answer their questions, the following may be helpful:


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