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CRXSS PLATFXRM presents a series of late events at the Brixton House from 30 September to 1 October, celebrating new subcultural transmissions via art, dance, film and panel discussions.

The main highlights for this year’s event are Henrique J Paris’ installation, a panel discussion in collaboration with media platform The Capsule, a series of short films curated by Ivan Michael Blackstock, and an all-style dance battle in collaboration with ODD VENTURE.

CRXSS PLATFXRM x Henrique J Paris

Henriques J Paris exhibits a multimedia installation centred around Black diasporic memory and modes of occupancy.

30 September – 10 October 2022
Tickets £10, £7 concessions
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CRXSS PLATFXRM partners with ODD VENTURE to bring you the OV Battle, an all-style dance battle also known as “the UK’s all-style playground”. Followed by an after-party to celebrate our CRXSS PLATFXRM 2022 edition!

1 October 2022 | 3.00pm Battle Registration, 6.00pm Battle & After-party
Tickets £10, £7 concessions
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CRXSS PLATFXRM x The Capsule & Cinema

The Capsule Panel Discussion, 7:00pm
In partnership with media company The Capsule, CRXSS PLATFXRM is holding a panel discussion hosted by Luke Lentes and Ivan Michael Blackstock. Joined by guest artists Dylan Mayoral and Dréya Mac, the discussion will focus on creativity, technology and business. From Web3, NFTS and TikTok we will discuss possibilities and opportunities within the dance industry and touch upon entrepreneurship within creatives and how we can be better at monetising our art without changing its authenticity.

Cinema by CRXSS PLATFXRM, 8.45pm
Cinema by CRXSS PLATFXRM presents you a series of art house short films by the most avant-garde UK film makers. Enjoy an evening of stop-motion, animation, mix-reality and afro-surrealism films by the likes of Jazz Grant, Darryl Daley, Ivan Michael Blackstock and more. Followed by resident DJ Kofi M.

30 September 2022 | 7.00pm & 8.45pm
Tickets £10, £7 concessions
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